Ghana / Yao Agbenyega, the master of POP ceiling!


Yao Agbenyega is a Togolese who chooses to leave his country for a better life. In year 2000, he settled down in Ghana by trying to learn POP ceiling. Today, he is the owner of Dream House construction enterprise, specialize in POP ceiling, welding, sliding windows and doors and tiles laying. Let’s discover him!

What is your real name?

I’m Yao Agbenyega; the owner of Dream House Construction Enterprise.

When did you started it?

I’m a Togolese, but I leaved my country in year 2000 to settle down in Ghana to learn what I am doing today. But I started the enterprise a year ago. I leaved Togo, because building is more developed in Ghana

Why did you choose this type of activity and how do you call it?

Construction field is a creative one where you can use a lot of your imagination. And the most important thing in my case is the happiness that I have when I finished a work.According to the name of this type of work, in English, people call it P.O.P. ceiling.


Do you have any other person who works with you?

In the enterprise, I have the welding sector and the sliding windows and doors and tiles laying where I work with brothers and apprentices, but am the founder and the owner of the business.

How do you find the clients?

Most of the time, it’s by contact and how good we are. If you work for someone who is satisfied, then you are recommended to a friend. Sometimes, we expose designs at various places, and we also get job from there.

Do you have clients in Togo or other countries? And how do you organize those opportunities?

Yes. We do have some clients in Togo. And, if we have to work there, I used to move with my workers since most of them are Togolese.

What can you say to those who want to do the same as you?

They need to take their time to learn the job well, learn to be truthful and reliable. Because being an artisan is a reliable job.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Knowledge is the key to success”

Do you have something else you want to say to the world?

Life is an adventure where you don’t have a choice. You go by what life is giving you. But always do your best.

Your last words please

I am grateful!  We were waiting for an opportunity like this for long. Thank you for your concern.

For more information contact us on: Ghana (+233)243 84 9422 / 277 40 1852

Togo (+228) 90 46 98 82



Interview by Essenam K²



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