No way to seek a new mandate for Dos Santos


In Angola, president José Eduardo Dos Santos will not stand for the 2017 elections. He announced it on Friday on the official radio station of the country.

Is the world treading the path of democracy once and for all?  The question is worth being put. Only in 24 hours, president Holland announces in France he is not willing to run for a second term while in Gambia, Yahya Jammeh concedes defeat in the recent elections after 22 years in power.

After 37 years of reign as head of Angola, the president decided to give way to his Minister of Defence Joao Loureço at the head of the party in power the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (PMLA). At the same time, it is the position of the president of the Republic which is being given up. Indeed, there is no presidential elections in Angola. At the end of parliamentary elections, it is the leader of the political party which wins the biggest number of votes that becomes automatically Head of State.

However, one has to wait till December 10th of this year, date of the 60th anniversary of the party to get more clarifications on the issue.

For weeks, rumours had it that the president has health issues compelling him to retire from politics. That was quickly denied on Thursday by the PMLA.

The wheel of democracy has begun to turn in Africa. Who is next?


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